Bodywork & Wellness Studio​​​​
Professional Massage Therapy & Movement
In Somerset, Kentucky
214 E Mount Vernon Street
Somerset, Kentucky 42501
Downtown Somerset
Tel: 606-676-9998
Frequently Asked Questions


For general information on massage therapy, visit and click on "News and Publications."
GETTING A MASSAGE:  Your comfort and safety are our highest priority.  We take pride in our customer service, and have optimum standards for professional personal care given to each client.  Each massage is customized to fit your needs, and different massage modalities may be used.  The length of your appointment includes time for a brief interview and assessment prior to beginning the massage.  If what you need is outside our scope of practice, we will gladly refer you to other therapists who may accommodate you.

CANCELLATION POLICY:  Massage clients will be required to sign a cancellation policy upon their first visit.
PRIVACY AND NO TOLERANCE POLICY:  Because we respect your privacy, our professional services are confidential and discreet.   Also, we are not a "massage parlor" and we do not refer to a massage therapist as a "masseuse."  ​​​​​​Our therapists and staff do not tolerate illicit or sexually suggestive remarks, advances, or comments relating to a massage, or toward the therapist during, before, or after a session.We do not offer erotic services of any kind, and any attempt to sexualize a session will result in immediate termination of the client/therapist relationship, and the appointment, without a refund. Thank you for your cooperation.